Heroic Support, Indeed!

Customer Care…. Prioritized

Our passion for dedicated service and long-term business relationships is second to none.

We have served local businesses faithfully for decades, and our growth has generated enough volume for us to invest in the exceptional services and equipment provided by a Michigan-based technology company which specializes in web hosting infrastructures. Each website is hosted on our dedicated server in Lansing, Michigan.

Our support team is constantly fine-tuning our server for optimum performance, and they are skilled at quickly troubleshooting any issue.

Server Support

Although we could have gone with a cheaper solution, we know the extra fees we pay are justified by the exceptional services we receive…for us…and for you. The benefits are many:

  • Our high-performance dedicated server is used exclusively for our customers.
  • No worries with 24/7 server support
  • Constant server monitoring
  • Hardware guarantees
  • Hyper-vigilant security
  • Malware checks
  • Brute-force monitoring
  • … and many other important features which run continuously behind the scene.

You never have to think about these things, because we do. And all these benefits are included with our hosting plans — at no additional charge.

Content Management Support

Most every site we build is equipped with a CMS (content management system) which is a web-based software application used to more easily create and manage digital content. Many of the websites we build today are using the WordPress CMS, which is widely known as the easiest and most flexible CMS available.

AM Web Garden provides different levels of digital content management support depending on client’s desired role with the finished site. We can:

  • Write original content for your website, and help with periodic updates.
  • Manage your media library and update photos to keep your site fresh.
  • Monitor Google Analytics for site traffic, referral sources, demographics, and more.
  • Fine tune your site according to the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices, and develop strategies to keep your website ranked higher in search results.


When it comes to back ups, redundancy is extremely important. In addition to local backups of each website’s construction, all the data and content of each site is securely saved in multiple locations for dual-drive redundancy. Back ups are updated on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. Plus, our entire server is equipped with continuous backups off-site for disaster recovery.

Client Training

All designs include training in administration of your new website. The training covers everything from the basics of publishing images and copy to social media integration, and SEO. AM Web Garden is confident that our implementation of intuitive, easy to understand websites are an excellent choice for all levels of technical experience.