SEO Success

SEO Practices for Higher Rankings

When it comes to SEO, it pays to be in the know! Our philosophy about search engine optimization is fairly simple–just plant the right seeds to sow the right harvest.

AM Web Garden uses mostly organic methods to achieve high rankings. We can also help you with paid positioning, should you feel it’s necessary.

We believe in constructing websites rich with relevant content. As a gardener starts with healthy soil, we like the foundation of your website to be built upon an ample supply of relevant content. Google’s search engines dig deep into sites with a bountiful textual presentation, and although we want your website to be visually appealing, we know that words are perhaps the most significant factor in your rankings. If you want to be found, first give your visitors–and Google–good information.

Another key factor in the ranking of your website depends upon eternal links leading into your site. There are many ways to add layers to this level of success. For instance, your Facebook business page should link to your website. Your Google My Business presence should link to your website. AM Web Garden’s parent company, Advantage Marketing, offers local advertising on our network of high-ranking tourism and special interest websites–a proven method to help boost your positioning–and a great way to support local businesses. In every place possible, include a link to your website.

We offer the option to add a special SEO plugin for your WordPress website. We also provide a built-in meta management tool within our legacy websites built for customers prior to a WordPress upgrade. The usage of these tools will help you climb higher in search result rankings.

If you agree that words are important, but writing just isn’t your thing, AM Web Garden employs many writers, and we will be glad to be your content creators! Our years of experience in local advertising becomes your advantage when you enlist us to present your business using our marketing expertise.